Yulia and Gianluca

Our young and stylish newlyweds had an official wedding in the Town Hall of Manduria, a town famous for the red-wine Primitivo industry in Puglia.

The bride was stunning in the elegant unconventional short dress with a pink sash perfectly coordinated with her hand-tied type bouquet and shoes. After the official ceremony the couple went for a walk to the local seaside which witnessed their love from the beginning.

Testimonials of Yulia and Gianluca




We are very grateful to Tanya for helping us with some aspects of our wedding. Although we live in Italy, During the organisation of such an important event like wedding there are many details and even though we both me and my husband live in Italy is difficult to manage everything by yourself. In addition, Tanya is very knowledgeable about documents for foreigners, necessary for an official wedding in Italy. It is great we found not only a compatriot who spoke your language, but also a reliable and responsible person.

May all your wedding dreams come true!

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