Юля и Александр

We were dreaming about our wedding for a long time but the only thing we both were sure about was celebrating it abroad. So we started to analyze the different options but soon it became clear that organizing a true wedding abroad could be complicated. Everything changed after our casual encounter with Tatiana; she helped us to organize the most wonderful day of our lives in June, 2014. From the very first meeting (even if we were in Moscow and she was in Italy) we felt that she was a right person for us. She organized our wedding from A to Z. We only had to come in person to Italy once, to the Russian consulate in Rome to do the Nulla Osta. In Rome we rented a car and came to Apulia for A viewing trip. We went to the flower shop with Tatiana, had a trial make-up run and hair style, tried the menu we chose and even did some sight-seeing. So it was like a little holiday, we really had a great time. It took about a year to organize everything, and Tatiana was always in touch, she was very mindful to our wishes and ideas, I have never had a feeling that we were bothering her, even when I wrote her 4-5 times in one day!!! Every time she answered promptly. The day of the wedding Tatiana was close to hand dealing with many different issues, yet she was still available to help out in a suddenly busy moment when all my friends left and helped me dress! After my experience, I am sure that even if I knew the Italian language I could have never organized everything on my own. There were so many details and issues that Tatiana saw to herself or advised us exactly what to do. We were very satisfied with everyone who worked with Tatiana: the photographer, cameraman, make-up artist and hair stylist were top. Interestingly, many services were cheaper than in Moscow, which was a good surprise. I think Italy is one of the best countries to have a wedding abroad, especially in the South. Everyone was so kind to us; even strangers looked at us with joy and interest, just like it was their event too. We felt like we were a part of Italy and of course, we made new Italian friends. We could describe our joy and wonderful memories forever, so we wholeheartly recommend sunny Apulia to everyone and of course sunny Tatiana. (translation from Russian)

Natasha and Valentin

Tanusha has organized for us a magnificent honeymoon in Apulia. Everything from documents for visas to accommodation was on top. We were so happy! Everything has been done in time, every our wish has been realized. It was RELAX and SATISFACTION. I will not speak about beauty of Italy (it is paradise on the Earth) There are not many tourists in the South (of Italy), the prices are lower than in other regions. Accommodation and food are cheap, but one should know where and how find it. Tatiana does know. You can buy local fruits and vegetables, the prices are the same as in our (=Russian) supermarkets but taste is different!!! In some restaurants, you can eat even cheaper and the food is delicious. People here are very friendly! It is the real Italy! Italy we want to see! After being there in vacation, we recommended our friends visit Apulia: rent a house by sea and a car and cross the entire region from shore to shore. There are two seas! Within 20 minutes by car you will find absolutely different coastline – from sandy beaches to rocky shore and lots of olive trees everywhere. We were there in august. It is a high season but still there are a lot of place on the beaches. The region is just beginning develop a tourism, so in the small villages they will be happy to give you some brochures and a free excursion on their sights. We were very sad we spent 5 long days at Rome (we thought it's worth it). We should stay those days in Apulia. In our opinion, Rome seems more India than Italy. Our advice stay at Rome for just one day or two. The rest time is for Apulia. A fairytale place. (translation from Russian)


I know Tania for a long time, for several times me and my mom have booked a house in Puglia with her help. Although I live in Italy (but in another region) I prefer spend my holidays in Puglia. The sea and the beaches in Puglia are my favorite. Tania knows many holiday places from luxurious hotel to economy but cozy villas by sea. She will always help you to create a tourist routes. Puglia has gorgeous coastline from golden sandy beaches to dazzling rocky shores. I like that Puglia is not very known in Russia, so you will not meet many Russian tourists in this region! You can be sure your holiday or wedding shoots will be unique. Besides, Tania is very kind and sympathetic person, you immediately trust her and I should notice she has never betrayed my trust. (translation from Russian)

Viktor and Lilli

We met Tatiana some years ago, she helped us buy a villa in Puglia. She was very helpful. She personally translated (from Italian into Russian) legal documents of purchase and sale. Since that moment, she permanently keeps in contact with us and helps us with some bills and other payment staff. Tatiana, you are very mindful, reliable and sunny person. We wish you the best of luck in your life and business. (translation from Russian)

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